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>> and that breaking news is in the south bay. san jose police found the bold of a woman in a home after a 911 hangup call. >> the police are asking for help in solving this case. body was found in a house in the 6100 block in evangeline drive in san jose. >> the police here in san jose have not yet identified the victim. but they say that based on the trauma to the body, this is a homicide and the victim is a woman. police tell us that a married couple live in the home.
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but another female relevant is also associated with the address. the police got a 911 hangup call from the address at 5:30 this morning but did not arrive at the home until much later, because there were other priority calls keeping the limited resources busy. >> by the time it was in the district, the supervisor acknowledged there was a call pending here. there were four midnight officers working, and they were responding to a rash of auto thefts, and they were in progress, and a couple of the vehicles crashed into the vehicles and they had to make sure that nobody was hurt in those accidents. >> now, the police don believe that the car thefts are in any way related to the homicide. but they did keep the officers from responding to the crime scene more quickly, with the 911 hangup. animal control had to be called
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out for two dogs in the home. the woman's body was discovered in the entryway at 8:00 this morning. so right now the police are here, interviewing the neighbors and trying to get the identity of the victims, and also locate anybody else that leved in that home. this is san jose's 48th homicide for the year, it surpasses all of last year. >> all right, karina, and thank you very much. we have more from san jose where firefighters have just contained a home on rockwood drive. they were alerted to the fire just after 10:00 this morning. the fire spread to another home next door which was partially damaged. the neighbors have had problems with squatters in the home in the last months. and it's under investigation. in the last hour, president obama made his first public
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comments from the white house. he said that the most vulnerable americans must not bear the burden in reducing the deficit. >> and the president is ready to compromise, and he has called the congressional leaders to the white house next week to talk about the ticking fiscal time bomb. but one thing that has not changed, the republicans and democrats can look at the same report and come up with different conclusions. he said that it would push the unemployment by 9%. in his speech this morning, president obama maintains that tax increases of people earning more than $200,000 a year are part of the solution. >> the most hurtful consequences of the fiscal clip come from increasing tax rates. ernst and young raising the top
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rates would destroy -- >> i'm not going to ask students and seniors and middle class families to pay down the entire deficit, where people like me, making over $250,000, are not asked to pay a dime more taxes. >> you saw house speaker, john boehner, there and he called the taxes a job killer. >> hurtful consequences of the fiscal clip come from increasing tax rates. ernst and young, raising the top rates would destroy nearly 700,000 jobs in our country. >> you would think there was a huge gam here, but what the budget report says is extending the bush era tax for everyone, what the republicans want, would create 8.1 million jobs, and increasing taxes on people making $250,000 a year would lower taxes for everyone else,
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but boost the gdp by 3% and create 6 million jobs. and the president said that's a 1 point difference, but conservatives say that that translates into a lot of jobs, and it's a big deal. we'll come back to you. >> all right, take a look outside and it looks nice right now, but it's wild weather around the bay area. rain and wind and even snow in the area overnight. looking at the hail that came down in the east bay, france, lightning knocked out power to an entire neighborhood. and amy has more. >> we're at 24th and fountain perfect a lot of people were woken up in the middle of the night. and a lot of people shaking their heads and saying, this is a wild one. the first winter storm of the
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year brought hail with it. these pictures came from from the viewers in the east bay. and lightning was also part of the package. in san francisco's valley, it woke up the neighborhood. >> it was of larger than anything i ever heard. and i knew it was close. >> i up watching tv, and i was awakened by a sonic boom. >> it was not just loud. the lightning caused a power outage, knocking out transformers, power to 500 customers. >> it took them all up. >> as the sun came up, we could see one more element that the storm brought with it. snow on the peaks of mount hamilton and mount diablo. quite an active storm for early november, and it packed a lot into a small amount of time.
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and of course, now it's beautiful outside. weather in the bay area just changes just like that. the power came on at 10:26, and we heard people say, this makes you release that you take your power for granted. >> amy, thank you. and the same system is bringing fresh snow to the sierra. up if south lake tahoe. there's snow earlier, and drivers are required to carry chains though, and let's look at the conditions in truckee early this morning. a similar situation on i-80. traffic having to move slowly due to snow and wet roads, so our colder temperatures or showers in the form of rain or snow on the way. mike, wha what do you see. >> the key is on the way, and
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they're not here right now. that's good news for your lunchtime plans. good morning, here's doppler 7 hd. you see the low humidity and the clouds, and the pertain has stabilized overnight thanks to all of those showers and thunderstorms. here's how much rain we have had. santa rose a. about an inch there, and petiluma 16/100. and 7/100 in san jose, and 13/100 in limp more. so the showers were not heavy at all. in the next system. the key is it looks a lot like this time yesterday. bles a low sliding down the jetstream, and they won't be quite as widespread. this storm does not have as much energy as the one that trend through last night and this morning. so chilly prospects in the
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forecast. >> also ahead, hundreds of people wait in line all night in the south bay to get hope for the holidays. and later o. new restrictions at the gas pump, hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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>> hundreds of people lined up in the rain in san jose just for
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the chance to sign up for free food for the holidays, and they're grateful for the opportunity. katie, is there going to be enough? >> sheryl, employees are hopeful and optimistic, but they have a lot of work ahead of them. take a look at this line. still at this hour, it has been there since this time. and we're talking about feeding thousands of people. >> not too good. >> hernandez is describing what the holidays would be like at her house if not for the help of sacred heart community service. she got in line at the front door and halfway down the street. and chrissa -- >> we have people in or house, and money is tight. >> crystal and margarita are among 4,000 people who will register for free food ahead of thanksgiving.
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>> it doesn't surprise us to see this many people. it is scary to see people braving the elements for this kind of opportunity. >> dave came out to see for himself. >> there are a lot more people besides these who are in need. there are 20,000 households that are below the poverty level. >> but there's also wealth and they are counting on the community it make it possible. >> so right now, we have 4,000 turkeys. >> we are calling for action for people to get involved. and the key to donate. do a drive if your neighborhood, your churches and solutions. >> that way, one day maybe there will be fewer people in line. >> if times are better, we won't have to, and we can leave the spot for somebody else to come do it, but for right now, it is a big blessing and a big happy
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that we can come out here. >> between thanksgiving and christmas, they need 7,000 boxes of food. and they also need toys. families can register for those today as well. shop closes up here tonight at 6:00. live in san jose, abc 7 news. >> abc 7 news is committed to working with the area food banks to help hungry people in our communities, and we have information on how you can help with the most needed donations. >> san francisco'san francisco'e thank you to navigate. this big rig got stuck at 8:00 this morning. lightning hit transformers and caused 100 people to lose power overnight. you can see the grade was too steep for the truck to clear. he got lost trying to go to san francisco, and was simply following directions on his gps. we have all been there before.
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you can't always trust the gps. you've had a busy, busy day. we have cleared out temporarily, but i'll have an update in the
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>> chrysler is recalling more than 900,000 older model jeep suvs because airbags can inflate while people are driving. the safety administration said that the recall includes jeep cherokees from 2002 and 2004, and jeep liberty, 2002 and 2003. they willfection the problems and notify owners in january. >> a gas rationing system to deal with the fuel shortage after hurricane sandy. it requires drivers to fill up every other day. and right now, 500,000 customers are still without power, and many need gas regularly to keep their generator running in the cold weather.
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this week's nor' easter has trusted the fuel tankers. >> remember when we had that in the 70s? >> it was bad, but hopefully they will get through it. >> there's frost on the way, and a touch of fall. we have already had the thunderstorms and now the snow, and now it's time to get frost. speaking of the cold temperatures, it's not only cold enough to make snow, but you're watching it right there as it rains the snow down on tahoe this morning. beautiful picture. are you excited? are you ready for it? they're maybe going to open sooner because of the active weather pattern. diablo. the fog has lift and would maybe another dusting of snow tonight. here's another beautiful picture of suit row, and you can see diablo in the difference. hamill had a measurable inch of
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snow this morning. it was possible up there, 3800 feet, each in the santa cruz mountains. everybody is waiting for the next storms to pop. and right now, a look at selma, south of fresno. we have a thunderstorm there, heading into the foothills where it turns into snow at 3500 feet. make sure that you grab a coat, temperatures in the same temperatures in the bay. salinas, 57. it's not going to be as widespread as last night, but there's a chance of showers in the evening and overnight hours. and snow down to 2500. there you go, chilly in the next couple of nights. protect those plants. first, looking at the low that came through, a thunderstorm there. and this is the next and last
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one that's going to rotate down towards us. it's weaker, and it has this of energy, but still a lot of moisture to be played with. and that's why i'll keep that chance. so during the evening, keep an eye out in the distance, and here's lightning and thunder and rain. you're going to dress warmly and dress for wet weather. here's how it plays out. a few showers in mendocino county in the next hour, and they're better over the oceans than the land. that's going to be the case, but every once in a while, they will pop in the overnigh overnight h. sunshine, but locked in the cool air mass, and that's going to keep our temperatures below average in the next couple of days. here's what it will be at the reporting station in santa rose a. but the outlying areas, sure, there could be frost tonight. and especially tomorrow night
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and to a lesser extent sunday night. the rest of us will be in the low to middle 40s. which will be cooler by the bay. snow showers right now, and it's not a steady snow. but 2-4 inches tomorrow. and partly sunny on sunday. as you head down to southern california. scattered showers in l.a. and it will be sunny and 70 by sunday. here's our accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures in the 50s again tomorrow. and record cold highs this time of year, in the low 50s. and to give you an idea of how cold it is, record cold. and as we head to sunday, we'll be in the mid 60s with the next chance of showers wednesday and possibly thursday of next week. very active pattern, and looks good right now. we need the moisture. >> in a week, we go from record highs to record lows >> it woulden neat.
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>> stay with us. and we'll be right back.
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>> coming up on katie at 3:00, people who have experienced miracles, and then at 4:00, we're going to ride along with the police department to see something that they have never
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done before, reaching the community through social networking. and you'll see how boys and girl are affected differently. >> time for fly's perfect pet. and we're all ears, mike. >> from the humane society here. >> i want to go exploring. >> all right. he's so soft. very soothing to pets. >> tells a little bit about it. >> yes, he's living outside in a hutch. and raccoons are trying to get in, and it's obviously not the best place, and his family didn't realize that they could bring him inside to make him a house pet. and unfortunately they didn't call us first. >> so some other people gets to. >> take care of him properly and keep him inside.
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he's three or four, definitely an adult. and they usually live to be ten to 12. >> all right, thanks for bringing him in. and if you're interested in rory or any of the other families, go to the humane society give them a call or check out my facebook. i'll post everything that you need to know about rory there. >> thank you so much. and from all of us, thank you for joining us. have a gr
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